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Registration is open for 2016!

Please choose the program you desire to attend--Biola or Cedarville--and click on the link to register. These programs are separately run by Barnabas International and the Narramore Christian Foundation, so transfers between programs will mean losing your $75 deposit and beginning a new registration with the other program.

July 10-22, 2016
Cedarville, OH
Sponsored by Barnabas International

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July 12-29, 2016
Biola, CA
Sponsored by the Narramore Christian Foundation

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We suggest that you gather the following information prior to logging on and submitting your official registration form.

Personal Information Needed:

    • Your personal contact information (address, phone/fax, email addresses, etc.)
    • Parents' contact information (address, phone/fax, email addresses, etc.)
    • Parents' ministry information (Agency name & address)
    • Name/Location of High School and date of HS graduation
    • Years spent overseas & countries lived in
    • College you hope to attend or other plans after graduation (also location of college)
    • Special interest or hobbies
    • Special health or dietary needs
    • Languages spoken
    • T-Shirt size
    • How did you hear about the seminar?
    • Why do you want to attend this seminar?
    • What aspect of transition are you most concerned about?
    • Biographical Sketch: You’ll need to be prepared to write a brief biographical sketch describing your life as an MK, including some highlights and/or disappointments from your MK experiences. (250 word minimum)

If you have any questions prior to registration, please feel free to contact our Registrar directly at

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Comments from past participants:

“I loved getting to know new people who are going through the same thing.”
“I enjoyed meeting other MKs, getting to know the staff and getting some perspectives I hadn't thought of.”
“Before, I knew in my head that I was not alone in this transition experience, but I couldn't really feel it in my heart. Because I came here, I now feel and believe it in my heart as well.”